Executives of NetSTAR – the global leader in OEM URL, IP Address, and Web Application categorization and threat intelligence SDKs and services – will be in attendance at Mobile World Congress 2022 (stand #5H20MR) to share details behind its next-generation URL categorization and reputation technology, inCompass®. This major release of inCompass provides OEM partners with a revolutionary new way to categorize encrypted URL traffic and retrieve categorization, threat intelligence, and key metadata from that encrypted traffic. 

Since 2001, NetSTAR’s inCompass technology has been embedded into the products and services of more than 260 OEM partners ranging from hardware and software vendors, mobile operators, security solution vendors, and adtech companies. Backed with industry-leading internet categorization technology and telemetry data from over 1.6B endpoints worldwide, inCompass has analyzed and categorized over 36 billion URLs at the domain, path, and page-level in over 200 languages. 

“This next-generation offering is about providing our partners added value and future-proof URL and web categorization from the rise of encrypted traffic,” said Daniel Ashby, Senior Vice President of Global Business Development at NetSTAR. “inCompass already provides OEM partners the market’s most granular, accurate and robust URL categorization solution. Now we have taken it to another level to address the steady rise of encrypted traffic, in many cases over 99% of all traffic on the Internet, while maintaining our industry-leading performance and minimal footprint.”  

NetSTAR telemetry has observed a sharp increase in phishing attacks and fraudulent websites since the Covid pandemic began. Last year NetSTAR reported a 114% increase in phishing attacks (some geographies even reaching above 600% of previous levels). Furthermore, web applications are also becoming increasingly attractive targets for hackers and digital thieves. Internet awareness and intelligence have become more essential than ever before.

Mobile World Congress will be held in Barcelona, Spain on February 28 – March 3. Individuals and organizations can learn more about the conferences at mwcbarcelona.com. To schedule a meeting with the NetSTAR executive team members, please inquire via +1 650.600.3850 or emailing us at mwc@netstar-inc.com.