Categorizing the Internet for OEM and Technology Companies

Delivering a global web filtering Local SDK, or Could Lookup Service with optional policy manager, NetSTAR supports solutions that require the industry’s best URL and web categorization technology.

  • inCompass Engine
    Powerful multi-threaded engine enables categorization of terabytes of data, multi OS support, minimal resource requirements, caching support, automated updates, and log processing.

  • Global URL Database
    URL database with domain, path, and page level categorization and reputation data. Supporting 200+ primary categories, 14+ security categories, IAB categorization, and Social Network granularity.

  • Deployment Options
    Local SDK for all major OS, globally distributed Cloud with policy management, Hybrid work-flows, Data Center support, and DNS categorization service.

  • inCompass iCCE
    A real-time multi-language content categorization engine enables HTTP and HTTPS traffic categorization with real-time fail safe anonymous proxy detection technology.

  • inCompass BaCCE
    Our dedicated back-end system fueled by 1.8 billion+ globally distributed endpoints, with over 250 different algorithms and engines including categorization and analysis of malicious sites.

  • inCompass CTRL
    As a globally distributed company, NetSTAR provides human review labs, supported by proprietary technology and relationships with registrars, government agencies and other organizations, on a 24/7 basis to provide the best SLAs in the industry.

  • inSITE™ Feeds
    Malware feeds from stand alone or integrated multi-engine scan solutions for detecting and preventing spam/phish and malware.

  • Customer Support
    Our global support teams are based in Asia, Europe, and the USA for 24/7 support with flexible SLA terms to meet your market demands.

  • Industry Leadership
    With over 270+ OEM partners, representing over 1.8 billion endpoints, in the Americas, APAC, and EMEA, NetSTAR is recognized as the Global Leader in web and internet categorization technology for over 22 years.


Innovative Technology – with hundreds of content analysis engines for text, images, and malware, plus innovative algorithms to drive our AI, we accomplish real-time categorization of HTTP and HTTPS traffic into 200+ primary categories and 14 security categories
Global Database – we have categorized over 48 billion URLs, domains, and IP addresses. Our global URL database includes domain, path, and page-level entries for over 99% of the active web, with personal identification information removed
Flexible Deployment – our solutions can be deployed via local SDK, full cloud API, or hybrid options. Full caching is supported and custom seed DB sizing is available
Award-Winning Quality – our backend system inspects real-time categorization results and conducts further analysis as needed. And our human review teams are distributed around the world to conduct physical reviews of URLs and ensure accuracy
World-Class Support – NetSTAR support teams are based in the US, Europe, and Asia. We provide 24/7 live support to offer the best SLAs in the industry, and to accommodate our partners’ business needs
Unrivaled Experience – with hundreds of OEM partners in the Americas, EMEA, and APAC, and representing over 1.8 billion endpoints worldwide, NetSTAR has been recognized as the leader in web and internet categorization technology since 2001

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