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WebApp Compass is a powerful web application intelligence solution designed for OEMs to secure their digital ecosystems. In today’s world, with the proliferation of web 2.0 applications, progressive web apps, and app security risks, traditional web filtering solutions are no longer adequate for app categorization. WebApp Compass addresses this challenge by providing critical intelligence behind each web application, enabling application-centric security and traffic policies.

With WebApp Compass, OEMs can identify, categorize, and filter applications being accessed on their networks based on their supported functions and risk to information security, governance, and compliance. The solution provides a comprehensive database of over 9,300 web applications, categorized by their main purpose and supported operations. It also offers valuable data security intelligence, compliance/governance intelligence, and a proprietary risk score, ensuring the security of the digital ecosystem.

WebApp Compass is flexible and can be deployed via a local SDK or API feed, and is trusted by partners worldwide, including CASB, SSE, SASE, SD-WAN, and network providers. By partnering with NetSTAR, OEMs receive the added benefit of a world-class global support network, with a dedicated multilingual support team available 365/24/7. With over 270 OEM partners globally, NetSTAR has the expertise to generate market-leading value for its partners. WebApp Compass is the ultimate solution for OEMs looking for intelligent web application categorization and risk assessment to streamline their security strategy.

  • Identify web or SaaS applications being accessed on your networks
  • Know their purpose and risk to information security, governance and compliance
  • Enable application-centric security & traffic policies
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Key Features

  • Web Application ID – identifies each web application based on its behavior, functionality, and potential security risks.

  • Host Intelligence – provides additional information about each web application, such as its IP address, hostname, and geolocation.

  • Category Type – categorizes each web application into one of over 45 categories based on its main purpose.

  • Supported Functions/Operations – returns a list of over 18 operation categories supported by each web application, such as uploading, downloading, file sharing, and broadcasting.

  • Data Security Intelligence – provides additional information about the security of each web application, such as whether it uses SSL encryption or has been reported as a phishing site.

  • Compliance/Governance Intelligence – provides additional information about the compliance and governance of each web application, such as whether it complies with GDPR or HIPAA regulations.

  • Risk Score – assigns a NetSTAR-proprietary risk score to each web application based on its potential security risks and compliance/governance status.

Flexible Deployment Options

  • Local SDK – supports Unix/Linux, FreeBSD, and Windows, allowing OEMs to integrate the solution into their existing products or solutions.

  • API Feed with JSON Export Files – provides an API feed with JSON export files, allowing OEMs to integrate the solution into their existing products or solutions.


Innovative Technology – with hundreds of content analysis engines for text, images, and malware, plus innovative algorithms to drive our AI, we accomplish real-time categorization of HTTP and HTTPS traffic into 200 primary categories and 14 security categories
Global Database – we have categorized over 48 billion URLs, domains, and IP addresses. Our global URL database includes domain, path, and page-level entries for over 99% of the active web with personal identification information removed
Flexible Deployment – our solutions can be deployed via local SDK, full cloud API, or hybrid options. Full caching is supported and custom seed DB sizing is available
Award-Winning Quality – our back-end system inspects real-time categorization results and conducts further analysis as needed. Finally, our human review teams are distributed around the world and conduct physical reviews of URLs to ensure accuracy
World-Class Support – NetSTAR support teams are based in the US, Europe, and Asia. We provide 24/7 live support to offer the best SLAs in the industry, and to accommodate our partners’ business needs
Unrivaled Experience – with hundreds of OEM partners in the Americas, EMEA, and APAC, and representing over 1.8 billion endpoints worldwide, NetSTAR has been recognized as the leader in web and internet categorization technology since 2001

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