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The Global Leader in OEM Internet Categorization & Threat Intelligence Solutions

Integrable Solutions to Categorize and Filter the Internet

As an OEM-only company, NetSTAR offers internet categorization and filtering solutions for our partners to leverage within their products via local SDK, cloud API, or hybrid deployments.

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Threat Intelligence Feed

inSITE™ Threat Intelligence

Leverage the power of NetSTAR’s proprietary threat scan engines, along with information from our security technology partners, to identify and classify URL and IP-based threats.

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Why NetSTAR?

Unrivaled Global Experience

With 270+ of OEM partners in the Americas, EMEA, and APAC, and representing over 1.8 billion endpoints worldwide, NetSTAR has been recognized as the leader in web and internet categorization technology since 2001.

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NetSTAR Global Experience
NetSTAR URL Categorization Database

The Most Comprehensive Coverage of the Active Web

We have categorized over 48 billion URLs, domains, and IP addresses. Our global URL database includes domain, path, and page-level entries for over 99% of the active web in over 200 languages.

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Real-Time Categorization & Threat Detection Technology

With hundreds of content analysis engines for text, images, and malware, plus innovative algorithms to drive our AI, we accomplish real-time categorization of HTTP and HTTPS traffic into 200 primary categories & IAB 2.0 categories.

  • Intelligent Threat Scanning & Detection – over 80 scan engines, honeypots & malware sandboxes
  • Industry-Leading Accuracy – verified by reputable agencies
  • Legacy Solution Mapping – simple drop-in replacement for legacy solutions
  • Flexible Deployment Options – Local, cloud, and hybrid options
  • Comprehensive Categorization – 200+ NetSTAR categories, IAB Taxonomy, and partner-defined categories

  • Granular Content Inspection – domain, path and page level inspection
  • Context Aware – sentiment analysis, entity recognition, and topic modeling
  • Global Language Recognition – over 200 languages included in content analysis

World-Class Support

NetSTAR support teams are based in the US, Europe, and Asia. We provide 24/7 live support to offer the best SLAs in the industry, and to accommodate our partners’ business needs.

Built for Flexible OEM Integration

As an OEM-only company, NetSTAR is focused on delivering innovative technologies to our partners, allowing you to deliver best-of-breed technology to your customers while also focusing on your market strengths and solutions.

Working with NetSTAR means you can add new functionality to your solution, replace a legacy solution, or enhance coverage to your existing solutions.

“NetSTAR’s excellent partner support and commitment to their partners’ success have helped us deliver upon our promises to our customers and make our product a global market leader.”
- CEO, mobile device management company
“We selected NetSTAR because of their technology, providing the best coverage, and the solution performance that we verified during our evaluations, as well as the fact that they worked with us in developing a custom SDK to work in our environment.”
- CTO, telco analytic hardware vendor

“Thank you, NetSTAR. We really enjoy working with the entire NetSTAR team. Your team is both professional and an exceptional resource for us. In fact, everything has been so synergistic, it feels like NetSTAR is part of our organization.”

- VP of Product Management, security company

Key Allies in Internet Safety

NetSTAR is proud to be a member of the Internet Watch Foundation.

NetSTAR is a sponsoring member of the APWG.

NetSTAR is a sponsoring member of Project Arachnid.

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