Press Release: NetSTAR Expands ip/Compass


 For release on: July 10, 2019

Phone Inquiries: +1.650.600.3850

NetSTAR Boosts ip/Compass Solution Capabilities 

New capabilities are now available for all existing partners

San Mateo, July 10 – NetSTAR, a global leader in URL, domain, and IP address categorization for the OEM market, has augmented the capabilities of their innovative ip/Compass solution. The ip/Compass solution allows OEM partners to submit an IP address and receive a list of associated domains and URLs hosted at the IP. In addition, categories, reputation scores, and geolocation information can be provided. Deployment options include a local SDK, a hybrid configuration, and a complete cloud configuration.

Today, new and augmented capabilities have been added to ip/Compass. These capabilities include:

  • Partners may now submit a domain and receive the associated IP address, as well as category, reputation score, and geolocation information

  • Nameserver polling returns associated IP address(es)

  • A smaller database is now available, which contains a collection of IPs that host only a single domain that has a high or medium security risk

  • We have addressed the challenges around IP permanence associated with load balancers, round-robin DNS, and similar technology implementations through the use of country-specific exit servers

These new capabilities are available for all existing ip/Compass partners now. 

NetSTAR is a global leader in internet categorization and security solutions for the OEM market. We categorize billions of URLs, domains, and IP addresses, and give our OEM partners visibility into the dynamic internet landscape. With our telemetry data from over one billion endpoints, our proprietary categorization technologies, and our partnerships with internet and security industry leaders, we provide unparalleled URL categorization and threat intelligence.

If you would like more information concerning this release, please inquire via +1 650.600.3850.

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inCompass® by NetSTAR has become a global leader in providing high-quality URL categorization solutions to technology and telco partners. We deliver advanced categorization technology, advanced filtering, and advanced categorization engines to hardware & software vendors, service providers, mobile operators, and solution providers throughout the world. NetSTAR is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alps System Integration Co., Ltd. ALSI: Alps Electric Group. NetSTAR has offices in Silicon Valley, London, and Tokyo.