Leading web content filtering providers across the globe are using NetSTAR’s URL categorization solution, inCompass®, to provide the widest global coverage and accuracy of URL categorization to their customers. More than 260 global parterns embed inCompass into their products and platforms. This provides them access to real-time categorization and reputation data for more 36 billion URLs.

inCompass is able to boast the world’s largest dataset of categorized URLs. This is due in part to the size of NetSTAR’s partnership base. NetSTAR monitors telemetry data from over 1.6 billion devices, endpoints, and nodes. This traffic is intelligently analyized by a mix of proprietary AI systems and human review teams. Over 250 content analysis engines review text (in more than 200 languages) and images for URL categorization. Worldwide human review teams also perform physical website inspections to ensure accuracy and cultural relevance.

Web content filtering solution providers find value in inCompass’s unqiue categorization capabilites. Providers may opt to categorize URLs at a granular level by following NetSTAR’s unique definitions containing more than 200+ categories, follow the more standard IAB V2.0 taxonomy, or simplify by grouping categories together to filter unwanted content such as adult content or unproductive resources. Additionally, inCompass categorizes URLs observed to be an active cyber threat such as malware, phishing and infections.

Web filtering providers also find value in the flexibly deployment methods inCompass offers. Those searching for an on-premise solution can leverage an inCompass SDK with varying sizes. Users may also take advantage of the inCompass API if they need a cloud look-up solution. The value NetSTAR brings is its customization capabilities to fit internet filtering providers unique needs.

Learn more about inCompass and how it can help you provide the very best in web content filtering capabilites for your customers by visiting our inCompass solution homepage.