RansomWare, et al

A number of High Profile Business have been attacked recently.

In one example, a Hospital was was attacked for several days, and paid the requested $26,000 to unlock and decrypt their system files. The breach occured though a downloaded malware infected email attachment. It's amazing that such a large hospital system could be brought down, and the simple solution is to avoid dealing with email attachements entirely. These are open extortion attemps, but the same thing happens with the government. The VA and OPM have had hugh breaches. However the other attack vector is what one might be called the long game.

For example, Check Point Software Technologies discovered that hundreds of sites, including defense contractors, telecommunication operators, media groups, education, and more had been hacked and that the breach had gone undiscovered for over two years. Rather than spear-phishing or drive-by-downloads for a rapid pay day, these cyber espionage groups responsible were found to be targeting Web servers that were not adequately protected, and unwilllingly became the entry point vector.

inCompass works to secure your solution by being the categorization and threat intelligence engine integrated into your product, solution, or cloud.


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