NetSTAR’s inCompass® URL Categorization solution leverages proprietary technology, bringing together multiple layers of web categorization, threat intelligence, and reputation scoring to provide the logical next step in the URL categorization space for the needs and requirement of OEM developers and integrators.

Unique in the industry, inCompass has proven it is extremely easy to integrate and rapidly deploy across all major OS systems.

Large websites can have tens of thousands of active unique pages, and sites like CNN often have over 300 links or more on the front page alone. Dynamically-generated content, social media sites, and advertising mash-up can generate an infinite number of “different” pages with ever-changing content, topics, as well as nearly unlimited possible malware exploits, command and control back-ends, and ransomware waiting to be installed … security risks and vectors are always changing.

New sites and pages are added to the internet every second, with some very old projections from IDC suggests that there were over 30,000 new URLs registered on a daily basis just for pornography sites alone.

Traditional categorization technologies cannot keep up with the churn of new, old, or malware sites, and without an OEM partner with intelligent systems and leading back end processes, it is extremely hard to stay current. For example, just the Alexa top 1 Million experiences an average 5,000 to 10,000 domain changes (on and off) on a daily basis. Many of them are new, high-traffic, and can be short-lived – all classic characteristics of malware.

The “how do we keep up with all this churn” question is often the deciding factor in the build-or-buy decision process. When partnering with an OEM provider, understanding how they will keep up is central to selecting a high-quality solution.

We’ve been categorizing websites since 2001. We know the web.

NetSTAR has the engineers and technical abilities to keep the dataset and feeds fresh. This is why NetSTAR’s inCompass categorization and classification SDKs are so popular. Our backend has over 80 scan engines, backed with sandboxes and human review teams worldwide. Our reputation for support and services is why inCompass is preferred by over 250 OEM partners in diverse markets.