When you are looking for an OEM partner for your web filtering needs you are wise to ask at lease some of these questions, since the answers can impact your product and impact your bottom line.

  • What kind of support is available when you need it?
  • How often are URL’s in the database refreshed?
  • What is the coverage, is it adequate for your needs?
  • Can the solution learn your users traffic patterns?
  • What happens with uncategorized urls?
  • How do you report urls that are new?
  • What happens if a URL is not categorized correctly?
  • Can the database keep up with dynamic changing websites and content?
  • Where are your customers and where is the categorization coverage, regionally or globally?
  • How big is the market footprint in the industry

Then consider your evaluation experience.

  • Were the teams helpful and supportive, or were they difficult to work with?
  • If you had a special request, how was that handled?

Although there are many vendors that have “lists” (and these range from “free” to commercial) and web filtering and “technology”, ultimately you need the right level database coverage and technology for your platform. Our Database of URLs is professionally maintained, human-curated, and accurate. Over 100 OEM partners agree inCompass delivers on the technology and the support team is easy to work with and delivers promptly. The only way to know if the inCompass® technology is right for your use case is to request a free evaluation.