ADVantage and Blocking the Bad - MWC NEXTech Lab 2019 Conference

inCompass ADVantage and Blocking 'Bad:' (Mobile Traffic Classification as a layer of Defense against Malware, Bad Bots, and C&C Servers)

NetSTAR, Inc Executive explains how to use ADVantage to BLOCK bad traffic through Targeting, Profiling, and Fraud Prevention and how Mobile Traffic Classification can be an additional layer against Malware, Bots, and C&C Servers.

This is presentation to be given by NetSTAR, Inc. executives at Mobile World Congress 2019 (#MWC19) NEXTech 2019 Lab.

URL Categorization and Expanded Threat Intelligence

Customizable Content Filtering & Expanded Threat Intelligence

NetSTAR's inCompass technology now categorizes web content into 180+ predefined categories enables developers use these predefined categories or any combination of categories for the specific requirements of the application. Of special note, a recent expansion of our threat intelligence categories and our upgraded hybrid SDK with detailed identification capabilities addresses many new areas of both urgent interest and concern.

inCompass Supports Developers

inCompass Supports Developers

Content requiring assessment ranging from social media, web-based url traffic, ad placement, or threat intelligence assessments, the inCompass SDK provides developers with the data sets necessary for understanding the traffic. Let NetSTAR power your backend so your solution can focus on what you do best and rest easy with the assurances that objectionable content and traffic will be blocked and out of actionable work flows.