Searching for a Cyren replacement? NetSTAR can help you seamlessly transition to its global leading URL categorization solution at greatly reduced or no cost through 2023. Contact us now.

Cybersecurity firm, Cyren, has announced the reduction of “substantially all” of the company’s workforce and is exploring liquidation. This announcement has left Cyren OEM partners looking for alternative URL categorization solutions. NetSTAR’s inCompass solution, already used by many former Cyren partners, has been recognized as the best replacement option.

As the global leader in OEM URL and IP categorization, reputation, and threat analysis, with over 260 partners using inCompass in their products and solutions, NetSTAR’s inCompass URL categorization solution has been an industry leader since 2001. NetSTAR’s partners include industry-leading AV, security, gateway, networking, cloud vendors, and some of the world’s largest telco and mobile operators.

NetSTAR focuses solely on OEM partners and thoroughly understands their unique opportunities and requirements. Many former Cyren partners have migrated to the inCompass solution over the past years, with many current Cyren partners having migrations to NetSTAR underway. The inCompass product team has made these migrations quick and simple, and the global NetSTAR inCompass support team has been helping our new partners meet tight deadlines. Equally exciting to these OEM partners is the fact that NetSTAR also provides solutions for web app/SaaS categorization, IP reputation, encrypted traffic categorization, mobile app categorization, IAB taxonomy categorization for the ad tech industry, IoT categorization, and more, making NetSTAR a complete partner for their product and solution needs and requirements.

Steve Earnshaw, Vice President of NetSTAR Product Management, explained, “NetSTAR’s product team regularly reviews all Cyren and inCompass categories and completes a comprehensive mapping between the two solutions, allowing legacy Cyren partners to integrate inCompass quickly and seamlessly, minimizing any customer disruptions.” 

If you are an OEM searching for a flexible, dynamic web categorization solution, know that inCompass offers a proven global solution integrated by hundreds of partners with over 1.6 billion endpoints.


Contact us now to get acquainted with a business development representative and learn more about NetSTAR’s URL categorization solution. 


About NetSTAR

NetSTAR is a global leader in internet categorization and security solutions for technology and telco partners. We categorize billions of URLs, domains, and IP addresses and give our technology and telco partners visibility into the dynamic internet landscape. We provide unparalleled URL categorization and threat intelligence with our telemetry data from over one billion endpoints, our proprietary categorization technologies, and our partnerships with internet and security industry leaders.

Cynet Alternative URL Categorization Solution

Cynet Alternative URL Categorization Solution