NetSTAR Inc, the global leader in OEM integrated solutions for URL categorization, web and SaaS app categorization, and threat intelligence, has been providing best-in-breed technology for the OEM market for more than 20 years. Initially founded in 2001 as a joint venture between Trend Micro and ALPS System Integration Co., today NetSTAR is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ALSI and leveraged by more than 260 OEM partners around the world.

With customers and business operations in the Americas, EMEA, and APAC, NetSTAR monitors real-user telemetry from over 1.4 billion endpoints globally and has categorized more than 36 billion URLs, domains and IPs in over 200 different languages. With hundreds of content analysis engines for text, images, and malware, plus innovative algorithms to drive its artificial intelligence (AI), NetSTAR accomplishes real-time categorization of HTTP and HTTPS traffic into over 200 primary content categories, as well as IAB 2.0 categories, over 150 web and SaaS categories, and 12+ security categories, along with a wide range of meta-data.

NetSTAR leading OEM solutions are being leveraged across the globe by leading brands in a variety of different markets including internet services providers, mobile carriers, internet and IT security, and ad & marketing tech. With NetSTAR, partners are benefiting from the industry’s most advanced, comprehensive OEM solutions for URLs, web apps, threat intelligence, IP categorization and reputation scoring.

In addition to its world-class technologies, NetSTAR offers an unrivaled global experience. Today, NetSTAR employs over 400 industry experts spanning across 11 operation centers in the U.S., Europe and Asia.