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inSite Threat Intelligence™ represents threat intelligence from the telemetry of over 800,000,000 globally distributed endpoints. NetSTAR’s BaCCE system processes these URLs and IP Addresses as they are received through over 80 malware and threat intelligence scan engines in over 14 categories including Malware, Phishing, Botnets, Spyware, and others.. Depending on your deployment model, updates can be made in real-time providing fast and effective coverage. Deployment options include a local SDK, Cloud-based SDK, or data-feed based on your integration requirements.

Our Features


Up to 300,000 db lookup/sec.

Real User Traffic

From 800MM endpoints, mobile apps, spam, phishing, and malware.

Flexible Deployment Options

All major OS and Cloud APIs.


Supports Over 14 Security Related Categories.

Language Support

Coverage in over 200 languages.


Granular Categorization

Domain, Path, Page, and IP Address.

Caching Support

Full cache support on box or in cloud.

Customizable Categories

Create custom categories.

Driven by Over 80 Scan Engines

Most comprehensive coverage in the industry.

Stand-Alone Data Feed or SDKs

Included as part of inCompass and ip/Compass, or as a data feed.