includes Content Categorization Real-Time Categorization IAB Taxonomy NetSTAR’s Taxonomy Reputation Score Over 36 billion URLs Numerous Deployment Options

ADVantage Compass™ adtech web categorization provides the tools needed for contextual targeting, brand safety protection, attribution, analytics, device profiling, and malware detection. Using industry-standard IAB categorization, and/or NetSTAR’s custom taxonomy of over 200 categories, in addition to threat intelligence and reputation scoring, ADVantage Compass provides OEM partners with the flexibility that they need to deploy in a large range of environments for a variety of adtech use cases.

Our Features


Up to 300,000 db lookup/sec.

Real User Traffic

From 800MM endpoints, mobile apps, spam, phishing, and malware.

Flexible Deployment Options

All major OS and Cloud APIs.

Categorization Data

IAB, NetSTAR, and Reputation Score.

Public & Proprietary Malicious Data Feeds

Over 80 Malware Scan Engines and Other Sources and Technology.


Arrary of Categorization Engines

Global DB, iCCE, BaCCE, CTRL, and others.

Customizable Categories

Create custom categories.

Granular Categorization

Domain, Sub-domain, Path, and Page Level.

Context Aware

Real-Time Categorization, Named Entity, Sentiment Analysis, more.

Globally Distributed, Culturally Diverse Analysts

Distributed Around the World 24/7 Coverage.