New Capabilities are Now Available for All NetSTAR Partners

San Mateo, May 8 – NetSTAR, a global leader in URL, domain, and IP address categorization for the OEM market, has augmented the capabilities of their WebApp Compass solution. The WebApp Compass solution allows OEM partners to submit a URL or an IP address and receive the web/SaaS app name, the hostname, service name, and category associated with the web app. NetSTAR categorizes web applications across 150 categories. These categories include:

 Business/productivity  Mobile  Circumventors  Multimedia/streaming
 Remote access/tunneling  Collaboration  Security  Conferencing
 Social media  Updates Games Utilities
 File sharing/P2P  Communication  Google apps  Miscellaneous


WebApp Compass deployment options include a local SDK, cloud-based API, and hybrid configurations.

New WebApp Compass capabilities, available now, include the following:

  • All identified domains include an improved risk score based on improved algorithms
  • A lookup return for an application comes with a secondary result which indicates any other applications that are found within the same domain. Specifically, when web app classification is performed on a hostname/bare URL (no path), if NetSTAR knows of other potential app matches for URLs found on the same host, our API will return a hasmore flag indicating that more applications exist, and a list of the applications that may be found upon this host
  • Full support for regional domains or URLs such as for all popular cloud applications

OEM partners that track or filter traffic based on web applications are seeing increased value from the new capabilities of the WebApp Compass solution.