Today, NetSTAR has made its MobileApp Compass™ solution available in all markets globally. MobileApp Compass is a premier mobile application categorization solution that has been available in select markets and geographies for the last three years, prior to today’s global rollout. Adtech, technology, and telco partners can depend on MobileApp Compass to gain critical insight into mobile apps.

Mobile traffic today accounts for more than 60% of all internet traffic and is increasing rapidly. Mobile subscribers outnumber internet users three to one, and mobile subscriber growth is expected to accelerate. This trend increases the need for adtech firms, telcos, networking, security, and other technology companies to gain visibility into mobile apps with their associated URLs, IP addresses, and network traffic.

MobileApp Compass categorizes Android and iOS apps from multiple app store localizations, providing global app coverage across more than 200 languages. Apps are categorized against NetSTAR’s proprietary, 37-category mobile app taxonomy, the Google Play and Apple App Store category taxonomies, and Tier 1 categories from the IAB taxonomy. These apps are cross-referenced against NetSTAR’s global database of 36 billion URLs and IP addresses, and with telemetry data from over 1 billion global endpoints. Malicious and suspicious apps are flagged.

Steve Earnshaw, Vice President of Product Management for NetSTAR, explains: “Adtech companies see tremendous value in understanding app usage, app affinity, and location visitation. They depend on gathering subscriber data without personal identifier information. They also need a reliable 3rd-party source to help them validate app categorization beyond what the app developer may have listed when submitting their app to a particular app store. MobileApp Compass gives them that validation. Additionally, network operators and enterprises need to know which apps are running across/on their networks, including OTT and ad content, to enforce policy and to block malicious apps. MobileApp Compass is the best solution for both of these scenarios.”

NetSTAR is a global leader in internet categorization and security solutions for technology and telco partners. We categorize billions of URLs, domains, and IP addresses, and give our OEM partners visibility into the dynamic internet landscape. With our telemetry data from over one billion endpoints, our proprietary categorization technologies, and our partnerships with internet and security industry leaders, we provide unparalleled URL categorization and threat intelligence.