San Mateo, August 14 – NetSTAR, a global leader in URL, domain, and IP address categorization for the OEM market, has augmented the capabilities of their innovative ip/Compass solution. Using ip/Compass, OEM partners submit an IP address and receive a list of associated domains and URLs hosted at the IP. Ip/Compass also provides categories, reputation scores, and geolocation information for hosted URLs. Deployment options for ip/Compass include a local SDK, a hybrid configuration, and a full-cloud configuration.

Today, new and augmented capabilities have been added to ip/Compass. These capabilities include:

  • Partners may now submit a domain and receive the associated IP address, as well as category, reputation score, and geolocation information
  • Nameserver polling returns associated IP address(es)
  • A smaller database is now available, which contains a collection of IPs that host only a single domain which has a high or medium security risk
  • We have addressed the challenges around IP permanence associated with load balancers, round-robin DNS, and similar technology implementations through the use of country-specific exit servers

Steve Earnshaw, Vice President of Product Management for NetSTAR, explains: “Today, the vast majority of internet traffic is encrypted. The future of internet categorization – and all the use cases that categorization drives, including content filtering, network policy enforcement and asset protection, brand safety, and more – centers on encrypted traffic. And that means detecting and sharing IP address intelligence. Ip/Compass does just that, and we will continue to invest in enhancing the ip/Compass solution going forward.”

These new capabilities are available for all existing ip/Compass partners now.