URL Database to provide rapid awareness of phishing and malicious sites for superior reputation awareness

San Mateo, California – May 29, 2012 – NetSTAR Inc, the global leader in high-quality OEM internet URL content filtering technologies, announced today that inCompass Cloud and SDK architecture will support and incorporate malware, phishing, and malicious site telemetry data enabling immediate protection from phishing sites, one-click fraud, and malware sites. Malware protection requires unique and special considerations and expertise due to the rapidly changing nature of cybercrime. Existing OEMs will automatically receive this augmented protection and URL data feeds starting at the end of May.

Cybercrime attacks rely on access to a remote server. NetSTAR is in a unique position to provide both inbound and outbound URL protection by preventing access or blocking malicious communications.

NetSTAR constantly works to improve the immediacy and accuracy of coverage for its URL database and core inCompass technologies that identify diversified internet content sources and create a comprehensive URL categorization and web security service. “Accurate URL categorization remains a core strength of NetSTAR, and we are in a unique position to provide our OEM partners a robust URL filtering service,” stated Akira Nakayama, Executive Director of International Business for NetSTAR. “We are excited to continue to innovate and develop marketing leading solutions for our partners and their customers.”

URL database security benefits include minimal resource requirements, virtually no latency, active protection, and full utilization of the inCompass technology, which can include sophisticated cloud or locally based policy management features, full maintenance and support, and frequent updates from NetSTAR for all OEM partners.

About SecureBrain
SecureBrain is a Japan-based security software and services specialist providing security against increasingly diverse internet-born threats, and our mission is to “contribute to the creation of a secure and safe network society by providing advanced technology”, which we achieve by providing highly reliable security information and high-quality security products and services. To protect internet users against virus infections from illegal websites, we provide a free website service called “Check it with GRED” that checks the safety of other websites. We also provide broad security solutions at www.securebrain.co.jp.