Integrated security services for smartphones and tablet computers to be rolled out to corporate market

TOKYO—April.26, 2011—NetSTAR, Inc., Japan’s premier developer of URL filtering product technologies and services, today announced that an agreement has been reached with US-based Mobile Active Defense (M.A.D.) to adopt their security technology for smartphones and tablet computers.

NetSTAR has specialized primarily in URL filtering technology used in products and services for computers, and many of NetSTAR’s partners have had the same focus. NetSTAR is also the largest provider of URL filtering services to the corporate sector in Japan, and these services have been adopted by all Japanese mobile telephone carriers. In December 2012, NetSTAR released the NetSTAR Business Browser with filtering functions for the iPhone and iPad to the corporate sector in Japan, and they released the filtering technology SDK inCompass to their overseas partners starting in March of this year.

Atlanta-based M.A.D. has offices in England and provides software development and managed security services. They provide a unique platform service for integrated administration and control of security features such as anti-virus software and VPN connections for the iPhone, iPad, and Android and WindowsMobile devices, and the platform can be used to connect with other internal resources. The M.A.D. platform has adopted NetSTAR’s inCompass for the European and North American market.

Anticipating explosive growth in smartphone and tablet computer usage, NetSTAR has adopted M.A.D.’s proprietary technology to facilitate the use of smartphones and tablet computers by large corporations with strict security standards by providing an integrated security solution that includes filtering.

NetSTAR intends to develop and release services under its own brand name as well as unique services using the special technologies of each partner company in Japan and other Asian countries.

NetSTAR will continue to collaborate with various partners in an effort to provide Japan and the global community with safe Internet access across a wide variety of platforms.

About Mobile Active Defense
The award-winning Mobile Active Defense MECS Server is the flagship product made by M.A.D. Partners, LLC, The Smartphone Security Company. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA with offices San Jose, CA, Mainz, Germany and London, England, the core team has almost 200 years of combined experience in security hardware and software product design and development, marketing, sales and support.