Utilizing commodity hardware, the inCompass® SDK has consistently achieved URL lookups that were fast. But that was just the beginning…

Utilizing the same commodity hardware you’re using today, if you swap out your antiquated OEM web filtering technology and used the inCompass SDK by NetSTAR, you may reduce your server and hardware costs by up to 10x (depending on what vendor and version you had previously partnered with and are using).

Need more than 250,000 queries per second, then of course you can multi-thread if your project demands something like 2,000,000 lookups per second. In fact, to increase capacity, our large OEM Partners run multiple threads without seeing any system lag and save big money by running fewer servers. In other words, in the time it takes you to blink, inCompass just categorized around 50,000 websites. Wow.

These numbers are what NetSTAR’s OEM Partners are achieving in their own environments, let’s try it in yours!

These speeds and performance index numbers further demonstrate what has widely been known in the industry. NetSTAR inCompass technology is not only the fastest solution but also can support the most URL lookup requests by a significant margin over the competition. Competitive solutions tend to require significantly more resources, require more CPU utilization, are comprised of more bloat, and are just “heavy” in computer terms.

The choice in OEM partnerships should be clear.