inCompass® 4th Generation Web-Filtering SDK and Cloud Services Provides Real-Time Protection Against Anonymous Proxy Use

San Mateo, CA. – October 30, 2012 – NetSTAR, Inc., a global leader in secure web categorization and content filtering, today announced a significant enhancement to their NetSTAR inCompass® 4th Generation Web-Filtering SDK and Cloud services- the first 4th generation Internet content and categorization technology specifically designed for the OEM market – by providing enhanced anonymous proxy detection with real-time detection through the instant content categorization engine (iCCE).

OEM Partners utilizing inCompass will benefit from having the ability to detect and block anonymous proxy websites in real-time – even if the site is completely new and has never been identified before.

Creating an anonymous proxy site takes only a few minutes using one-click installation open source tools. News of a new proxy site spreads by email, IM, SMS, and other media. Anonymous proxies are commonly created to get to any type of blocked server or website such as porn or gambling sites as well as blocked malware distribution servers.

Allowing anonymous proxy use breaks security and policy, and exposes the user and organization’s network to man-in-the-middle attacks, malware and payload injection, identity theft, outbound information leaks, and more. Often these anonymous proxy sites are live for only a few hours and then disappear. “We are very excited about today’s announcement,” said Akira Nakayama, Vice President for NetSTAR, Inc. “Competitive solutions rely on a large database of categorized anonymous proxy sites that are extremely slow to update and are bloated with outdated sites. It is impossible for them to keep up the dynamic nature of anonymous proxy sites.


Through the iCCE technology, inCompass has intelligent identification and analysis technologies that rapidly classify web content in real-time and detect anonymous proxies – even if it is a completely new anonymous proxy site and has never been identified before.” inCompass is designed to be quickly and easily be deployed in a wide range of OEM environments, including SaaS offerings, security products, and family-oriented security solutions, mobile service providers, UTM and other gateway appliances, end-point security products, MSSPs, and other applications where preventing proxy avoidance is important. “Legacy support of competitive solutions makes it extremely easy for partners to move from older outdated technologies to inCompass,” says Akira Nakayama, Vice President of NetSTAR, Inc.


With today’s announcement, inCompass by NetSTAR has the unique ability in the marketplace to provide zero-hour detection of anonymous proxy sites.