NetSTAR to Offer Family Smile Home-use Router Filtering Service for NEC AccessTechnica’s Aterm Series Routers

Service enables gradual introduction of communication sites as children grow

TOKYO—July 13, 2011—NetSTAR, Inc., Japan’s premier developer of URL filtering product technologies and services, today announced it will supply the home-use filtering service Akushitsu Site Block Family Smile for use in the high-speed wireless LAN AtermWR8600N (HP model) offered by NEC and NEC AccessTechnica, Ltd. in July of this year.

Since 2006, NetSTAR has been providing its Internet Malicious Site Blocking Service for BB Routers (also called the “Malicious Site Blocking Service”) for use in the NEC AccessTechnica Aterm Series routers. The Malicious Site Blocking Service enables centralized management of Internet access by all network enabled devices, including computers, smarthphones, games consoles, and televisions. NetSTAR’s service filters at the gateway between the home and the Internet without the need to install software on each computer, game console, or television. The operating costs are also very low, and the product has been well received by consumers.

With the July release of the NEC and NEC AccessTechnica, Ltd., high-speed wireless LAN router, AtermWR8600N (HP model), NetSTAR introduced Family Smile, the successor to the Malicious Site Blocking Service, which can be easily activated after purchasing the router.

The best feature of the Family Smile service is the NetSTAR Filtering Category for Kids, a URL list for home use that grades communications sites based on their security level. The service blocks adult sites, dating sites, and other harmful sites while enabling kids to safely use popular blogs, bulletin boards, and SNS sites that are suited to their level of development. The service can also block only scam websites to allow adults to safely enjoy the Internet.

To use the Family Smile service, an application must be submitted after purchasing the router. The cost is only \1,980 per year (tax included). People currently using the Malicious Site Blocking Service with an NEC Technica Router can transfer the license from that service to the Family Smile service after purchasing the AtermWR8600N (HP model).

NetSTAR will continue to collaborate with various partners in an effort to provide the global community with safe Internet usage across a wide variety of devices.

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