URL Website Categorization for OEM Developers

NetSTAR's inCompass® Web-Filtering SDK leverages our proprietary technology bringing four layers of web filtering and categorization together to provide the logical next step in web and url categorization space for the OEM developer market.

Unique in the industry, inCompass has proven it is extremely easy to integrate and rapid to deploy across all major OS systems used buy developers.

Large web sites can have thousands, or even tens of thousands, of unique pages, and sites like CNN often have over 300 links on the front page alone. Dynamically generated and social media sites can have an infinite number of pages with ever changing content, topics, as well as an near infinitum of possible malware exploits and security risk embedded or pulled in through a mashup that is social media.

New sites and pages are added to the internet every day, with some projections from IDC suggesting that there are over 30,000 new URLs registered on a daily basis just for pornography sites along.

Traditional categorization and blocking technologies can not keep up with the churn of new, old, or malware sites, and without an OEM partner it is extremely hard to stay current. For example, just the Alexa top 1 Million experiences an average 5,000 to 10,000 domain changes (on and off) on a daily basis many of which are new, high traffic, and can be short lived.

This "how do we keep up" question, is often the deciding factor in the build it or buy it decision process, but understander "how will my partner keep up" when you acquire an OEM partner is central partnering with a high quality solution.

We've been categorizing websites since 2001, we know the web. NetSTAR has the engineers and our abilities to keep the database fresh is why NetSTAR's inCompass Web Filtering and Categorization SDK is of a higher quality than any other web filtering and URL security solution on the market today and why it is preferred by over 100 OEM in diverse markets. Well, there is also our fabulous partner support.

Become an OEM partner, click here an tells us about your market needs.

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About Us

NetSTAR has become a global leader in providing high-quality OEM web categorization solutions to technology and telco partners. We deliver advanced categorization and filtering technology for URLs, IPs, web/SaaS apps, and mobile apps. Our categorization solutions and associated threat intelligence are used by hundreds of OEM partners around the globe, supporting over 1 billion endpoints.

NetSTAR has offices in Silicon Valley, London, and Tokyo, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alps System Integration Co., Ltd. ALSI: Alps Electric Group.