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For release on: February 5, 2019

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Custom Category Mappings and Taxonomies for OEM Partners

OEM partners can use NetSTAR’s proprietary 188 categories or add custom categories based on their unique needs 

San Mateo, February 5 – NetSTAR, a global leader in URL, domain, and IP address categorization for the OEM market, since 2001 has provided partners with detailed categorization options. Any of NetSTAR’s proprietary 188 categories can be applied as the primary category for a URL, domain, or IP address. And optionally, each URL or domain may have a secondary category applied to it from NetSTAR’s proprietary list as well as one of 14 security categories for malicious sites, where necessary.

Our proprietary NetSTAR categories are used by over 250 partners globally, including mobile operators, telcos, security product vendors, and others. We review partner telemetry, poll our partners, and stay alert to new technology and internet trends in order to understand categorization requirements. The NetSTAR categorization schema continues to evolve and keep pace with market demands and partner needs.

When our partners need custom categorization, NetSTAR offers the ability for each partner to create their own custom categories in a User DB. Via our SDK, a partner can add up to 10,000 URLs and associated custom categories that are stored in the local DB. When a lookup is performed the local DB is queried first, and if no match is found then the NetSTAR proprietary category is applied. Partners who take advantage of the User DB function often use it to create custom whitelists or blacklists.

With our best-in-class proprietary categorization and custom category support, NetSTAR continues to provide industry-leading categorization solutions for our partners.

NetSTAR is a global leader in internet categorization and security solutions for the OEM market. We categorize billions of URLs, domains, and IP addresses, and give our OEM partners visibility into the dynamic internet landscape. With our telemetry data from over one billion endpoints, our proprietary categorization technologies, and our partnerships with internet and security industry leaders, we provide unparalleled URL categorization and threat intelligence.

 If you would like more information concerning this release, please inquire via +1 650.600.3850.

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NetSTAR has become a global leader in providing high-quality OEM web categorization solutions to technology and telco partners. We deliver advanced categorization and filtering technology for URLs, IPs, web/SaaS apps, and mobile apps. Our categorization solutions and associated threat intelligence are used by hundreds of OEM partners around the globe, supporting over 1 billion endpoints.

NetSTAR has offices in Silicon Valley, London, and Tokyo, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alps System Integration Co., Ltd. ALSI: Alps Electric Group.