Secure Web Gateway

What are Secure Web Gateways?

Secure web gateways (SWGs) utilize URL filtering, advanced threat defense and legacy malware protection to defend users from internet-borne threats, and to help enterprises enforce internet policy compliance. SWGs are implemented as on-premises appliances (hardware and virtual) or cloud-based services, or in hybrid mode (combined on-premises appliances and cloud-based services). Vendors continue to differ greatly in the maturity and features of their applliance and cloud-based services, as well as in their ability to protect enterprises and governments from advanced threats and unlawful intrusions.

NetSTAR is the power behind many of the major SWG vendors in the market today and inCompass makes it all possible by being the silent partner powering the filtering solution.

With over 200 OEM partners, you should contact us to see what we can do for URL filtering product today.

Why aren't we partners already?

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About Us

NetSTAR has become a global leader in providing high-quality OEM web categorization solutions to technology and telco partners. We deliver advanced categorization and filtering technology for URLs, IPs, web/SaaS apps, and mobile apps. Our categorization solutions and associated threat intelligence are used by hundreds of OEM partners around the globe, supporting over 1.3 billion endpoints.

NetSTAR has offices in Silicon Valley, London, and Tokyo, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alps System Integration Co., Ltd. ALSI: Alps Electric Group.