Monetize and Protect Your Web Traffic, NEXTech Lab 2017 Presentation at MWC 2017

NetSTAR, Inc Executive explains how to Monetize and Protect Your Web Traffic through Targeting, Profiling, and Fraud Prevention, a presentation to be given by NetSTAR, Inc. executives at Mobile World Congress 2017 (#MWC17) NEXTech 2017 Lab.

This session will take place on Monday, February 27th, at 13:00 in Hall 8 at MWC.

Click here to view the Mobile World Congress NEXTech Event

Click here to download the (2 page PDF) NEXTech 2017 Lab Announcement.


ip/Compass™ Press Release

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inCompass® by NetSTAR has become a global leader in providing high-quality URL categorization solutions to technology and telco partners. We deliver advanced categorization technology, advanced filtering, and advanced categorization engines to hardware & software vendors, service providers, mobile operators, and solution providers throughout the world. NetSTAR is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alps System Integration Co., Ltd. ALSI: Alps Electric Group. NetSTAR has offices in Silicon Valley, London, and Tokyo.