NetSTAR's inCompass® SDK, Fastest URL Categorization Lookup In the Industry

San Mateo, CA. – April 3, 2012 – NetSTAR, Inc., a global leader in secure web-filtering, today announced lab results that demonstrate that the inCompass® SDK 4th Generation Web-Filtering technology is considerably faster, and can support significantly more lookups per second, than any other competitive solution in the market.

Utilizing commodity hardware, the inCompass SDK consistently achieved URL lookups in less than 10 milliseconds per request. In addition, utilizing the same hardware, inCompass could support over 250,000 look-ups per second with a single incident of the technology running. To increase capacity, OEM Partners can run multiple sessions of the SDK. These numbers are consistent with what NetSTAR’s OEM Partners are achieving in their own environments.

These numbers further demonstrate what has widely been known in the industry; the NetSTAR inCompass technology is not only the fastest solution, but also can support the most URL lookup requests by a significant margin. Competitive solutions tend to require significantly more resources, require more CPU utilization, take as long as 1.2 seconds per URL request, and can only support about 800 requests per second.

“The significance of these numbers is especially important to our partners that deal with large volumes of requests per second, such as ISPs and telecos, as well as vendors that focus on large enterprise installations,” explained Akira Nakayama, Vice President for NetSTAR, Inc. Mr. Nakayama further explained, “However, these numbers are also important to our partners who use our SDK in solutions that have multiple processes running, such as UTM vendors where web-filtering is running along with anti-spam, DLP, or other services and resources and CPU utilization is at a premium. inCompass can fit in virtually any environment while still performing at optimal speed.”

NetSTAR’s inCompass technology allows its OEM Partners to provide their customers a safer and more secure environment, while also providing their customers with the most complete and accurate web-filtering solution in the industry.

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