Creating an anonymous proxy site takes only a few minutes using one-click installation and open-source tools. News of a new proxy site spreads by email, instant messaging, SMS messaging, and other media. Why does word spread so quickly?

Anonymous proxies are commonly created to get to any type of blocked server or website – such as porn sites, gambling sites, and blocked malware distribution servers. And they are a security nightmare when missed.

Allowing anonymous proxy use breaks security and policy. And it exposes the user and organization’s network to man-in-the-middle attacks, malware and payload injection, identity theft, outbound information leaks, and more. Often these anonymous proxy sites are live for only a few hours and then disappear.

inCompass provides instant protection against anonymous proxies using iCCE technology to safeguard your customers’ networks with zero-day technology. Only inCompass by NetSTAR can detect and protect against anonymous proxies, whether the site is just seconds old or a well-known and well-established site.