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MobileApp Compass™ is designed specifically for mobile operators, MDM and mobile device security vendors, as well as hardware, software, and cloud networking and security solution vendors that need visibility and detection capabilities for mobile apps within their networks/environments. Supporting over 20 categories, WebApp Compass provides insight for iOS and Android apps, behavior characteristics, and threat intelligence. Deployment options include a local SDK and Cloud-based SDK based on your integration requirements.

Our Features


Up to 300,000 db lookup/sec.

Real User Traffic

From 800MM endpoints, mobile apps, spam, phishing, and malware.

Flexible Deployment Options

All major OS and Cloud APIs.

Categorization Data

Mobile App Name, Category, Characteristics, and Reputation Score.

Language Support

Coverage in over 200 languages.


Web Categorization Supported

Can be used with inCompass to cross reference the URLs/IPs being accessed by the mobile app.

Caching Support

Full cache support on box or in cloud.

Customizable Categories

Create custom categories.


Regular updates to the Mobile App Categorization Database.