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ip/Compass™ along with NetSTAR’s inCompass® Web Categorization and Threat Intelligence technology, offers a comprehensive web categorization and awareness technology for a variety of use cases and situations. NetSTAR’s ip/Compass™ along with WebApp Compass along and the inCompass Global Database all leverage NetSTAR’s global web categorization of over 32 billion URL and domains, threat intelligence database, reputation analysis, and daily telemetry from over 800,000,000 globally distributed endpoints. For those vendors using other web categorization technologies, ip/Compass can also be used with those solutions.

Our Features


Up to 300,000 db lookup/sec.

Real User Traffic

From 800MM endpoints, mobile apps, spam, phishing, and malware.

Flexible Deployment Options

All major OS and Cloud APIs.

Language Support

Coverage in over 200 languages.


Hosted Domains

Includes All Domains Associated With the IP Address.

Full Visibility

Crossed Referenced with over 32 billion URLs/domains.

Web Categorization

Works with NetSTAR’s inCompass or third-party solutions.

IP Reputation

Full Visibility to Malicious IP Addresses.