Qosmos and NetSTAR Announce a Combined OEM Solution

NetSTAR announces plans to combine Qosmos' ixEngine deep packet inspection technology with the NetSTAR inCompaass URL categorization and security technology to allow OEM hardware, software, and solution providers access to the most advanced deep packet inspection (DPI), Network Awareness, content categorization, and web security solution in the Industry. 

DPI and URL Categorization, Make Security Better

Having insight into the protocol from a DPI solution can be powerful, and when coupled with a URL categorization technology, the resulting OEM filtering solution greatly enhances, exponentially, insight into the pack flow. 

With 800,000,000 end-points using our technology and partner telemetry and feedback, our back-end systems get a lot of data to use and create a lot of unique data which we use internally.

2015 Q1 NetSTAR InCompass State of the Web Report

NetSTAR is the global leader in OEM URL/Web Categorization, Filtering, and Security technology. With over 800,000,000 globally disbursed endpoints, it’s industry leading Backend Content Categorization Engine (BaCCE), and unique visibility to the internet, NetSTAR provides a quarterly report on trends that it is seeing.