URL Awareness, the Need for inCompass Data Sets and Real Time Contextual Awareness Solutions

The OEM Developers Best Solution is the inCompass SDK by NetSTAR

Whether the content you are analyzing is social media content or web-based url traffic, the inCompass SDK provides you, the developer, with the data sets you need to support deep contextual url and content analysis, enabling your solution to match web content to user profiles, do analysis on non-human/bot activities and traffic, perform brand safety contextual analysis, and well as identify objectionable content and traffic that your solution build out and take an actionable work flows.

The accuracy and granularity of the data sets stored in the inCompass SDK database is designed to provide companies better contextual insight of web pages and their content, this in turn can drive more effective ad campaigns and targeting, improved brand safety awareness, drive real-time web url filtering traffic awareness leading to actionable decisions.

New solutions or replacement of legacy solutions, inCompass is the developers best choice.

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