OEM partners are migrating from RuleSpace to NetSTAR's inCompass solution after Broadcom's End of Life announcement

Many former RuleSpace partners have migrated to the inCompass solution over the past years, and additional current RuleSpace partners have migrations to inCompass underway. The inCompass product team has made these migrations quick and simple, and the global NetSTAR inCompass support team has been helping our new partners meet tight deadlines.

Equally exciting to these OEM partners is the fact that NetSTAR also provides solutions for web app/SaaS categorization, IP reputation, encrypted traffic categorization, mobile app categorization, IAB taxonomy categorization for the ad tech industry, IoT categorization, and more, making NetSTAR a complete partner for their product and solution needs and requirements.

We Categorize Over 99% of the Active Web

Our global database categorizes 36 billion+ URLs in over 200 categories, and includes 14 security-related categories and reputation data. Our partners also leverage IAB categories or their own custom categories for bespoke solutions.

Our inCompass solution categorizes websites and filters URLs in real time in multiple languages. Through proprietary threat detection technology we identify suspicious websites and web content, spam URLs, phishing sites, and other threats. Coupled with AI-powered, back end inspection and with human analyst review teams around the globe, we provide the industry's most trusted web categorization and threat intelligence solution.

Deployment Options

inCompass provides local SDK, full cloud, or hybrid deployment options. With an optional integrated policy manger, inCompass supports all major OS and cloud services where URL web filtering and content categorization functionality is desired.

About NetSTAR

NetSTAR is the global leader in URL, web, and content categorization. We have over 19 years of experience, with a worldwide team of over 400 dedicated professionals supporting over 260 OEM partners. Our solutions are backed by experts who provide integration support and help throughout the lifecycle of the project to replace your legacy solution.

RuleSpace and inCompass Category Mapping

NetSTAR’s product team regularly reviews all RuleSpace and inCompass categories and completes a comprehensive mapping between the two solutions. This allows legacy RuleSpace partners to integrate inCompass quickly and seamlessly, minimizing any customer disruptions.

We updated our mapping of categories in late April 2020 and we have several new partners who have already begun to take advantage of this mapping. Some of our partners want to maintain the same categories that they were providing with the RuleSpace solution, while other partners have decided to take advantage of NetSTAR’s more granular level of categorization with over 200 primary categories.

As an OEM-only vendor, NetSTAR understands your unique opportunities and needs. We are focused on providing innovative technology to our partners, allowing them to deliver best-of-breed products to their customers. Our 260+ partners worldwide incorporate our website filtering SDK or cloud URL categorization APIs to boost their products and strengthen their market positions, serving over 1 billion endpoints around the world.