New Database Design is Scaleable within inCompass®

inCompass® 4th Generation Web-Filtering SDK now supports a scalable database size and design to meet the exact DEPLOYMENT requirements of Netstar’s OEM partners

San Mateo, CA. – February 14 2012 – NetSTAR, Inc., a global leader in secure web-filtering, today announced the official update of their NetSTAR inCompass® 4th Generation Web-Filtering SDK; the first 4th generation Internet content and categorization filter specifically designed for the OEM market. This official update marks a milestone in providing OEM Partners the ability to accommodate the size of the resident database to match a vendors exact deployment requirements such as available memory, disk space, and CPU utilization.

"We are very excited about today's announcement," said Akira Nakayama, Vice President for NetSTAR, Inc. "inCompass can be quickly and easily be deployed in a wider range of custom OEM environments, including SaaS offerings, parental control and family-oriented solutions, mobile service providers, UTM or other gateway appliances, end-point security products, MSSPs, and other applications, without the typical vendor concern of ‘do I have enough memory or available CPU utilization remaining to use this SDK. Our vendors are now in a position to dynamically allocate the resources that best fit their needs without giving up effectiveness."

Competitive solutions rely on large databases of categorized websites, which can often be extremely bloated as well as outdated in addition to monopolizing scarce memory drive space, and then further utilize some key-word type technology to focus on a few categories as part of a background filtering process (not real-time) to protect against specific threats such as pornography, malware or phishing sites.

The inCompass SDK defers from these competitive solutions by including four layers of URL filtering classification and security, including a true real-time dynamic filtering engine (iCCE) capable of filtering and categorizing URLs in sub-second time, thus further enhancing the NetSTAR scalable global database model. With today’s announcement, inCompass has the unique ability to customize the intregration of the inCompass SDK to tailor fit their specific deployment requirements.

inCompass® by NetSTAR is a 4th Generation Web content categorization and security filter. With over 100 OEM partners inCompass is deployed by ISP, SaaS, MSP, software and hardware developers, and integrators of all kinds.

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