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Customer Support

Our global support teams based in Asia, Europe, and the USA.


Over 180 categories in addition to over 400 IAB Tier 1 and Tier 2 sub-categories, as well as Social Networks sub-categorization.

inCompass Technology

Global database with real-time categorization, real-time proxy detection, reputation data, and dedicated back-end systems.


Local SDK for all major OS, Cloud with policy management, Hybrid, and Data Center options.


Global and regional packs to augment coverage for weaker regional coverage in existing solutions.


Up to 300,000 db lookup/sec in a single thread on commodity hardware.

Who We Are

Originally a joint-venture between ALSI and TrendMicro, today NetSTAR is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alps System Integration Co., LTD based in Tokyo, Japan with offices throughout Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

NetSTAR is the largest global provider of OEM website categorization technology and intelligence, and the inCompass® technologies are used throughout the world by over 150 OEM partners who provide solutions and services in the mobile and service operator, hardware and software vendor, advertising and marketing, and analytics industries.

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Web Categorization
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