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Language Packs

Regional Packs & Language Support

NetSTAR is the only company in the industry to provide regional and language packs that integrate with the inCompass® Web Filtering SDK. Other vendors claim to support most languages on the internet; NetSTAR does too. However, other solutions don't have the ability to focus on the unique cultural differences and requirements; NetSTAR does. In fact, that IS how NetSTAR built their reputation in the URL categorization industry.


Simply put, one size doesn't fit all when it comes to a truly global web filtering solution. For example, the cultural standards for what represents pornography can differ significantly from one country to another.

Consider the unique cultural difference and standards that exist just between Ireland, the UK, and Germany, now contrast those standards to the US or to the Middle East or Asia, and you begin to understand that one "rule" does not fit all these unique regional requirements. In addition, some countries have requirements for certain categories that not required in other countries, and might not even be understood anywhere else in the world. Likewise, certain regions of the world have different requirements regarding what is acceptable. 

Utilizing NetSTAR's Regional and Language Packs to complement the NetSTAR inCompass Web Filtering and Categorization technologies, OEM partners can leverage a solution that can competes and delivers a unique requirement set found in markets such as Japan, China, Spain, Portugal, Europe, and so forth controlled by a simple license key system, or have a global scalable database with outstanding global coverage.

NetSTAR provides a comprehensive set of regional and language Packs, with the most popular including:

  • Asia Pack
  • China Pack
  • Japan Pack
  • German Pack
  • Scandinavian Pack
  • Spanish Pack
  • Portuguese Pack