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Content Research Lab

(Categorization Technology and Research Lab)

NetSTARs inCompass® is backed by the industries largest and most comprehensive URL research centers of its kind; known as Categorization Technology Research Labs (CTRL).

Supporting the most comprehensive global URL categorization database (Global Database), the industries only true real-time dynamic filter (iCCE), a comprehensive background filtering (BaCCE), NetSTAR has deployed CTRL centers in multiple locations through out Asia, Europe, and the Americas.  CTRL centers use a combination of experts specifically trained for categorizing web content and risk analysis who utilize proprietary technology to accurately categorize the URL content.  NetSTAR is recognized around the globe for its quality assurance programs in its Categorization Technology Research Labs CTRL.


Why is CTRL needed?

Technology, no matter how sophisticated, requires human intervention at times, because the web content is created by individuals and not machine. In addition, malware bearing websites are designed by humans intentionally to fool filters. With the constant explosive growth of the internet, including Web 2.0 that delivers a constant churn from social networks, IM, P2P, gaming, streaming, as well as deceptive and malicious websites, a comprehensive URL filtering solution must employ human analysts to inspect URL telemetry from suspicious sites and update algorithms.

OEM Partners, and their customers, alike have come to rely on NetSTAR's reputation not only for comprehensive coverage, but unparalleled accuracy as well.