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URL Database

URL Website Categorization for OEM Developers

NetSTAR's inCompass® Web-Filtering SDK leverages our proprietary technology bringing four layers of web filtering and categorization together to provide the logical next step in web and url categorization space for the OEM developer market.


The inCompass® Technologies

NetSTAR is a provider of the inCompass® Web and URL Filtering SDK, with reputation data - the only true 4th Generation solution available in the OEM market.

A Popularity Contest (and the 0.01%)

web content filter

One may think that breaking into the Alexa top 1 Million might be hard. Well it isn't. 

URL Database Considerations

url filtering


When you are looking for a partner with a URL database "list", you are wise to consider some of the following questions as they can impact your final result, and impact your bottom line.

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